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Write it down
by Janet Torley on 28/04/2015

Hello it’s Janet again with another in my series of short spots to help you become a more confident networker. Spend some time preparing before you go to your network meeting and write it down. Whatever you’re going to say, write it down. Then you can read from it at the meeting if you’re feeling very unsure of yourself.   Better still, just use what you have written down to remind yourself of what you’re wanting to say. This can help you stay on message and reduce the need for erms and arrs. I use a small post card.  Quite simple really and it’s really discreet.  You will be surprised how often I actually still write everything down. It’s a good thing to do when it’s an early morning breakfast meeting and you’re barely awake. Or in my case, lie awake all night worrying about what I am going to say that’s bright and sparky at dark o’clock.

So my top tip for this week is: Prepare and Write it down.