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Which pond are you fishing in?
by Janet Torley on 12/06/2011

 It’s a pretty competitive world out there right now for small business.  Especially with many people just starting out after having been made recently redundant or taking early retirement, the choices for customers has never been better.

Now if you are smart, you will almost certainly have got some professional marketing advice to help you establish your USP and plan your activities etc.

But I have been doing a lot of thinking and planning over the recent weeks and months and come to realise – perhaps it was blindingly obvious but I was just too close to see it – that I have to go fishing in some brand new ponds.  There are far too many people fishing in my current pond right now with the same tackle and my little fishes are not very hungry.  Why should they be when there is plenty free bait being cast all around?

So I am planning a fishing trip to uncharted seas and trying some new methods.  Have you thought about who is also fishing in your pond with what bait?  Have you thought on looking elsewhere for great big fat shoals of customers?  Maybe it’s time to hoist up the sails and set the compass for some distant shores waiting to be tapped.

With unabated rise of Social Media, it’s surely not that hard to reach new shores I reckon, so I will report back on whether I sink the boat completely or, like Christopher Columbus, find a new and fertile land.