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Turkish Delight
by Janet Torley on 01/08/2016

Hope you’ve had a great holiday if you’ve been. If not, some good times to look forward to.  For readers who follow my personal account on Facebook, you will know that I was off sunning myself earlier in June in Turkey.  Whew, thank goodness that was before it all blew up!

I had a blast and enjoyed some of the best customer service I have ever experienced.  From my hotel to tour guides and all in between it was wonderful……. except on my last day.  The guide books all said to visit this beach – Gemeler Beach – which was only 10 minutes from my hotel.  Picturesque they said.

So off I trotted armed with sun cream, towel and book.  On arrival BEFORE I even put one foot off the bus, I was met by a grubby wee boy asking for 5TL.  Not a lot, but hey!   This was my fee to visit Gemeler beach.  I paid of course because I had absolutely no alternative.  Making my way to the beach I was assaulted on all sides by toothless crones and slick haired youths to have a drink, have a seat, enjoy the facilities.  I declined until I got my bearings and sat in the shaded area on  stone wall.

Next step to the beach!  More sunshine!  Yippee – Blue seas to swim in.  Superb!   But I hesitated when I saw the state of the sun loungers and parasols.  Quite frankly they were beyond tatty.  Surely not!  Was I in the wrong place?  Before I had time to decide my grubby wee urchin popped up asking for 10Would youTL each for a lounger and a parasol.  I declined and made my way back to the wall whereupon my wee scoundrel then asked for 10TL to sit in the shade.  By this time my temper was at the end and I told him to go away or something similar, perhaps slightly stronger. 

I made my way back to the hotel and shared my adventures with fellow guests around the pool berating the awful service.  Typically I was doing what most of us do: moan but not do something about it.  It was then that one of my fellow guests pointed out that almost certainly the mob ‘running’ the beach had never ever been on holiday and therefore had no idea of what customer service looked like.  I had to agree.

And that finally brings me to my point. Have you walked the talk in your business?  Have you put yourself in your customers shoes?  Would you buy from you? 

Make sure you have looked at your business from the ‘other’ side.  I am sure my Turkish entrepreneurs had no idea they were doing anything wrong when I look back.  They just didn’t know any better.