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They are all Golden for me
by Janet Torley on 01/08/2012

Are you fed up with the way The Press are pumping up our wonderful athletes as world beaters and when the poor guys and girls don’t manage the golden win, rush like a pack of vultures to find the most offensive pictures of them sobbing their hearts out and come up with dreadful headlines.

Come on, these athletes are trying their hardest – and anyway I would rather we lose with dignity than be the gold result of some intensive child cruelty – aka the days of Olga Korbert and the poor Chinese baby swimmers.

The press will never stop being odious vultures but we can rise above that and be grateful that we have so many young people (and some not so young) putting their lives on hold to do their best to win a medal.  Please shout an extra hurrah at the box if you are watching the TV tonight.