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Shiny new business start ups
by Janet Torley on 18/04/2016

It was my privilege to meet quite a few young and new businesses over the past few days.  As always I am inspired by their shiny and totally genuine enthusiasm for their new journey.  Took me back to when I was starting out all full of enthusiasm and……… endless sleepless nights over the lack of business falling at my feet.

For many it is a really worrying time leaving the secure cushion of a regular salary.  I know it was for me and yegads what a total mess I made of it all for the first few months until I STOPPED, STOOD BACK and TOOK STOCK.

First and obvious question was why was no-one buying my services?  The answer was quite clear on several levels.

No-one wanted my original proposition – not enough market research.
Solution – simple – tweak the offering based on feedback to what people did want and look for my USP

What was I actually offering?  When asked it took me ages to try and explain.  I wasn’t clear
Solution – simple – tailor what I was offering so I could say it in as few words as possible- i.e. 5 or less

Marketing – I didn’t have a clue at first and just wobbled along and no budget either. I wasted my original budget on rubbish.  Ask me some time to tell you the story of the student p***-*p I paid for naively.
Solution – not quite so simple as I needed some budget to pay for advice but I scraped it together and started to learn on the job.I listened, read, attended every course possible, borrowed great ideas and practised and measured.

What words of encouragement was I able to offer this week to my new contacts?  I suggested that they look at what they are offering and make sure it is the best possible.  Highlight what they are doing differently all the time.   Use lots of superlatives and radiate confidence.  Go networking till they are truly sick of it.  Tell as many people as possible in as many ways as possible they are “Open for Business”  Put some budget aside for Marketing and not to waste it- get advice pronto!

I could have droned on for ever to these ‘lucky’ people but sometimes you need to make your own mistakes to get better.  I know I did.

What words of encouragement would you share with these new guys on the business block