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Profile your Customers and Reap the Rewards | Marketing for Small Business
by Janet Torley on 31/01/2017

Why any marketing strategy needs customer profiles and how to go about it

We’ve all heard the saying “People BUY from People” which really means that we buy generally from people we like and trust.  So turn that phrase around a little and logically becomes that People must SELL to People.  Because the sale is much easier if the buyer knows and trusts you already.

Indeed it’s not just the small business sales, the big firms do it too.  Think of Tesco ClubCard and those very special coupons that come in periodically – just for you, just the products you use every week with the occasional wee tempter for something new.  You trust their judgement because they are saving you money on all your regular favourites.

Another BIG company example has to be the Coca Cola one where they had first names printed on bottles.  Even if you aren’t a Cola drinker like me, did you still look for your name on the display at the side of the till.  I know I did and I bet I would have bought one if they had put a Janet on it.

Amazon are BRILLIANT at this with their Recommended for you section.  Or the People Who bought this also viewed……. I look at it.  Heck it even influences my purchases sometime

Now hold onto those thoughts…… all will become clear.

When you are asked who you are selling to or who your product or services are for, how often do you say “any small business” or even worse “everyone”  As a small business, and indeed any business, you can only sell to one person at a time.  So who are you going to sell to?  You need to know who you are going to sell to so you can pitch correctly and reach out to them with the knowledge that they are possible customers.  This is when profiling your customers is essential.  And I can help you do that

Use my guide today to get started and be ready to reap the rewards.  Join me today and start your marketing journey with confidence.