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Practice does make perfect
by Janet Torley on 27/05/2015

Hello, it’s Janet here with another network elevator pitching tip to help your confidence and overcome the erms and the arrs.This one is probably extremely obvious but do you practise your pitch before you go to your network meeting? I mean really practise it?   If you followed my tip from a couple of weeks ago and written down what you want to say then there’s nothing to stop you practising.   Practise in front of the dog, practise in front of the mirror.  Practise in front of friends and family, watch their reaction. Practise with your recorder on your mobile phone. Listen to yourself.   Go on, do it because the more you practise the better you’ll be and you’ll hear where these erms and arrs are happening and you can learn to pause for good effect just like we talked about a couple of weeks ago. So go on, practise.