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Peter Perfect Expert or Show Off
by Janet Torley on 01/04/2016

I had an interesting morning today talking to two quite different businesses about when to call yourself an expert or specialist.  Both businesses are relatively new and the business owners still feeling their way and in true Scottish self-depreciation weren’t comfy calling themselves Experts or Specialists.


However, the conversation came about because the first business had had a referral because she had been recommended as The Specialist in her field.  Why? Because she had done an amazing job with a previous client who was thrilled with the result.  Was she then a Specialist? I suggested to her that as she had in fact well over a dozen clients who used this particular service already that perhaps she was now a Specialist and the lack of age of her business was not so relevant.  You can be fabulous AND new to business.  After all as consumers, we don’t really care too much how long you have been in business; we really just want a fabulous service.


Staying with this theme – a morning of experts indeed – the next business owner established that they really do need to stand out from a busy crowd.  I said “Are you an expert in what do you”  They answered very forcibly “Of course I am”  I said why not tell people this clearly, loudly and proudly then.


It’s back to how we were brought up in society in general being told “Shoosht, don’t make a scene” or “Hmmm, see her over there, always blowing her own trumpet”.   The general delight taken when someone “High & Mighty” takes a tumble.  We are not encouraged to say out loud that we are Specialists or Experts.  But, we don’t want to purchase from Quite Good, we want The Best. 


So my challenge to you this coming week is to at least once take the opportunity to say how fabulous you are at whatever it is you do.  After you are, aren’t you?