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Only for those with no imagination
by Janet Torley on 24/05/2016

Picture this:  You’ve worked your socks off over the past months and years building a good business offering trust and integrity along with a strong product or service.  You are respected by your peers and confident in your future.

You wake up one morning and switch on the PC and check your emails and there staring you in the gob smacked face is some twerp that you almost certainly knew starting up a business mirroring almost word for word what you have been doing very successfully.

“Arghhhh” you may scream.   “Off with his head” you may rant.  “A slow and painful death” you may mutter.  But the reality is that there is little or nothing you can do unless you have patented and copyrighted (is that a word?) your goods or processes.  Even then it’s almost certainly not worth the cost and hassle taking them to court – and they now it!

But it happens all the time.  It’s happened to me a couple of times and I know how it feels to stick pins into little dollies.  I might even have been guilty of this way back when!

So what to do now you have calmed down.

If you are the affronted one remember that you were the innovator and you can innovate again by

  • Raising the bar another few notches

  • Move towards something new and exciting  – remember you are the innovator

  • Be gracious and say there is plenty business for everyone.

If you are the person copying

  • Don’t just copy, do it better and differently – a decent marketing plan helps identify the areas that could be better

  • Don’t pretend you came up with it yourself

  • Be gracious and work with your market sharers, not against them.

I hope way back when I may have been guilty I did do it better, did acknowledge where the inspiration came from and tried to work together.

But I fear those with the lack of morals and imagination will probably just copy this post and regurgitate as their own anyway