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No Shows – part deux!
by Janet Torley on 07/03/2012

Back onto one of my favourite topics again – No Shows!  It’s on the increase and it’s an epidemic.  Why oh why book an event and not turn up.  It’s a bit like the free bar at a function – the normally teetotal suddenly become double brandy drinkers!  Is it a grab the space and hey don’t worry about anyone else and what the heck if I don’t turn up.

We even send out reminders to all pre-booked delegates!!!

Are there far too many self employed just playing at it?

I suspect so because last week at the fabulous North Lanarkshire Business Show everyone who came was well up for doing business and lots of them did!  All those who didn’t turn up – apart from those who thoughtfully sent apologies – won’t be doing any new business from the show!  (and here is a wee observation – some of those who didn’t turn up asked for a delegates list – I don’t think so…….)

Maybe it is just the market and I shouldn’t worry too much but it does drive me  nuts…….and such a waste of refreshments too