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Networking doesn’t work
by Janet Torley on 10/10/2011

Is that what you say?   Perhaps it is the total lack of follow through.  I went to a very good event a couple of weeks ago when I met about 30 businesses – some old friends, some new contacts and some nodding acquaintances.  I was a trifle tardy but I did send a wee note to all the delegates I met – apart from one who – wait for it….drum roll…..didn’t want to give me their card saying that they thought it was all in the follow up and would be in touch with me………and two weeks later I am still waiting  But aside from that one (maybe they didn’t want to speak to me as I was obviously not a blue chip contact – while I am on my high horse why on earth do these companies bother to network when all they are looking for are the blue chippies) only two other companies bothered to get in touch at all…….

Now maybe it is me and I need a new deodorant, smile, clean my teeth, pitch, business – who knows – but I would have thought that more that two people would have thought it at least polite to ping back a quick hello.

Business Networkers need to realise that even pop up casual meetings should be followed through.  For heavens sake, I am doing some very nice new business right now with a contact I met 6 years ago – but we kept in touch and when the time was right, hey presto.

So, if you want to make your networking work for you – after all you have invested time and maybe even money heavily in going to a meeting – be polite, follow up and you might even get some business although I hope you don’t have to wait 6 years.