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My 8 Favourite E-Mail Marketing Tips
by Janet Torley on 13/02/2017

Top Tips for Great Email Marketing for Small Business

Small businesses don’t have marketing departments to spend hours crafting the perfect email marketing campaign.  They want it done pronto.  Here is my guide to getting it done practically and quickly

1)  Top of the list has to be to write your message as personally as possible.  Try to use the merge tags to include your reader’s first name in the text and if possible in the email title as well.  Write the text as a letter to a good friend and you won’t go far wrong

2)  Write a really good subject line – always.   Try to make it personal as already mentioned but include

  • A number such as 5 top tips
  • A positive adjective such as Great or Easy
  • A Promise such as …which always work

So it ends up as “Hi Graeme, Here’s my 8 best tips for a great email marketing campaign”.  Just keep it simple

3)  And keep it as short as possible – don’t waffle on and on

4)  Have a call to action in the body of the email inviting your readers to do something.  Maybe have two or three calls to action sprinkled through it.  But remember it is a personal email to just one individual that you are writing and you don’t want it to look ‘standard’ In my opinion too many Calls to Action just leap out and annoy.

5)  I love a PS used sparingly as a reminder of what you have said or to contain a Call to Action.  Most people when skim reading will glance at the PS and as it is short it will stand out.  If you can summarise everything into the PS with as few words as possible.

6)  Finally check it once, check it twice, leave it till the next day and check it again.  Send it as a test first of all and check it again.  Then when all the grammar and spelling is to your satisfaction, send it.

7)  Don’t get caught up in open rates – be happy with 25% or so.  Remember not all of the people read all of the stuff all of the time but most people will read some of the stuff at some point.  The way to get round this is to plan more than one email around the campaign and don’t worry that your readers will think you are spamming them.  Those that have read it already will skim past knowing they have got the information.

8)  And super finally, don’t get disheartened with unsubscribes.  They didn’t want to hear from you so why waste your time marketing to them.  It’s better to have 100 engaged prospects than 1000 who don’t care and don’t open your stuff ever!

There are loads of email marketing tips on the internet but these are my own favourites and if you do nothing else at all except apply these, you’ll do alright.