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Mairketin’ Wisdoms - Profile your Customers and Reap the Rewards
by Janet Torley on 05/02/2018

Last post we looked at the issue of getting your product or service right.  I hope it generated some useful thinking for you.

This Mairketing Wisdom is all about “Who are you going to sell to?”

Quite often the answer to this question from the unsuspecting when I ask a new’ish business is “Everyone”.  And my reply is always “Oh no, it’s not.  You are a small business and it is impossible to sell to everyone”  Just plain downright impossible.  But there are some simple steps you can take to make sure that you reach as many of the right people as possible.

You need to really spend some serious time on this part of your strategy and on a regular basis too.  Get this right and so much else will follow simply.

For new businesses this guide should help you get started – picture your perfect client and get writing.   For existing businesses who think this is too daunting a task, start off with your top 5 favourite clients.  The ones that when the email pings or the phones rings and it is them, you are delighted it’s them and happy to chat.  It doesn’t have to be the biggest spenders.

This is the process that I use and it seems to work.  Don’t worry if some of the questions seem too personal, you need the information and it is only for your eyes.

  1. What age are they roughly.  Over 20’s 30’s ….60’s
  2. What is their likely marital status
  3. Where are they likely to live
  4. What do they listen to
  5. What do they read
  6. What are their hobbies
  7. Do they have children and what ages are the children
  8. What’s their likely income bracket
  9. Where do they go on holiday
  10. Where do they work
  11. What position do they hold at work
  12. Where do they socialise
  13. Do they network

This list is not exhaustive and if you start to work this way, you may well add more into this that is relevant to your business.

But why is this information important? Let’s see how this unfolds.

Knowing your clients age group is important for:
Target marketing in Facebook and Twitter etc.
Judging their social media, hobby, reading, leisure etc.  habits

Marital Status – not essential to know this but what if you are selling holiday planning or estate planning.  This sort of information will make sure you have the pitch correct.

Where do they live?
Target marketing for Facebook and Twitter again
Do they commute to work?  If so how and do they have time to read articles in the Metro for example
Will they have good broadband = lots of internet activity
Out in the wilds – they might be more likely to enjoy 4 wheel drives and dogs….

What do they listen to?
Local Radio or National Radio
Bands, music genres……

What do they read? – important to know this in case you are planning a paper based campaign
Fiction or Fact
Kindle or Books
Trade publications

Hobbies – a great one this.
Golf, Bowling, Curling, Tennis,…… join their club or invite them for a game
Football, Rugby or Cricket – take them to a flagship game
Dressmaking, Gardening,…….. give them a small relevant item of interest with the “I saw this and thought of you”

Children and their ages. 
Knowing this will give you a good idea of how they spend their time away from work.  Young children ferrying them round clubs, teenagers = always full of angst, older children might be away to university

What’s their likely income bracket. 
Get an idea on this and coupled with where they live and age of children might indicate likely disposal income.

 Where do they go on holiday?
fabulous for creating ‘Me Too’ moments (more of which in the next articleProfile ou)

Where do they work?
location of workplace with where do they live might help with what do they read so where do you get in front of them

What position do they hold at work? 
Decision Maker or Not.  If not the decision maker how close to them are they?  Rising Star – is this a long term relationship to cultivate.  Who else do they know

Where do they socialise?
Easy this one – if they go to the pub on a Friday so should you.  They go to Country Fairs? So you need to be there too.  They walk the dog, then you should too or at least borrow one.  They climb hills…. It’s up to you

Do they Network?
In reality not many businesses do network and for those that don’t go anywhere else, they might just do Chamber of Commerce.  Whatever it is, you must join to.

Now armed with all this information and more, you can build a really strong picture of your client or prospect and get ready to plan your marketing strategies.