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Mairketin’ Wisdoms - Does anybody want it?
by Janet Torley on 14/01/2018

Many business owners and decision makers will have come to work firing on every possible cylinder, determined that 2018 will be the best.  Hooray and I also hope it is brilliant for you too.

Marketing will no doubt be high on the agenda so I thought I’d share some thoughts to help you make the most of your plans.

I tend to work to the fundamentals as they never let me down.  Of, course you can indulge on all the digital marketing you want to – be down with the cool kids with Facebook, Podcasts, Blogs, Vlogs, Videos, Adwords, Twitter……………… but get the basics right and you won’t be wasting any unnecessary dosh.

So one of the most basic tenents is  “Are you selling the right Product or Service?”

This is relevant for existing businesses as well as new ones.

A wee story – it wouldn’t be a Janet Torley blog without a wee story…..

A good friend of mine has been running a very successful business for well over 10 years now.  But the last couple of years have been the toughest and he knows it and he knows why.  His service has not evolved since he had the first light bulb moment.  The service is no longer in demand and indeed, his competitors who mostly have HUGE development and marketing budgets, have come up with offerings that he just can’t compete with.  Indeed, the market has become a dog eat dog and only those with the deepest pockets will survive.  Or an innovator with some completely new offering needs to come to his market.   He’s taken the decision that the business is no longer viable for him.  Sad days but this is what I mean by “Is the Product or Service right still?”

So here are a few ideas for you to think about with regards to your offering.  Just because you and your close ones say it’s a great idea (they don’t want to offend you because they love you) that doesn’t mean it’s goer.  So try these:

  1.  Who else already does it?
    1. If the answer is no-one, then either you are a genius OR there isn’t demand
    2. If the answer is others, then how are you going to make it bigger, better, longer, louder, shorter, faster……..
  2. Does it solve a problem or remove pain for potential clients?
  3. Can you make money from it?
  4. Could you sell it eventually (this is important for your exit plan – you have got one haven’t you?)

If the above raise any specks of doubt, listen to them NOW and sort them before you go any further.  That doesn’t mean you throw the baby out now, just maybe it’s needing tweaking.

Next blog we’ll talk about who you are going to sell to.

(PS I’ve recently introduced a Video Short service – very affordable and ideal for quick social media posts)


(The title Mairketin’ Wisdoms for those of you not of an age, is a blatant steal on that venerable Scottish Institution, The Broons.  DC Thomson, their publishers, ran some excellent books using this ‘coothy’ style incuding Gairdenin’ Wisdoms)