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Live Marketing and Hybrid Events – ignore them at your peril!
by Janet Torley on 04/09/2011

I did something quite unusual last week and took some time out to work on the business instead of in it and went to an excellent afternoon – Conference Scotland  at The ECE in Edinburgh.  An extremely worthwhile event about the industry in Scotland and in general.  However, the key message that kept getting hammered home by the industry experts and bigwigs was that the way forward is Hybrid / Blended events – i.e. both a physical and an online presence.  Travel costs and time constraints are becoming a major barrier to attendance and event organisers must embrace technology to the fullest.  However, the value of face 2 face is still undeniably predominant – i.e. Live Marketing.  It’s not exhibiting or speaking at an event or even just attending – you are Live Marketing your business or company.

I had another lightbulb moment on Friday afternoon when I realised that Events for Business is already there – just a bit ahead of the game.  While the other event companies were sitting scratching their heads wondering how to persuade their clients to shell out for additional live video content,  I was sitting thinking up our new packages for businesses who want to Live Market themselves but with a 360⁰ approach because we have the ideal technology and platforms for small business events.  So it’s yippee and let’s get small business in Scotland booking again.  Watch out for news on the Fife Business Show when we will broadcast all the seminars live – gulp!