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Last Man Standing
by Janet Torley on 22/04/2011

At networking events it is the rare occasion when you don’t meet a competitor.    Sadly, some people when they meet a competitor at an event immediately go into panic mode and do one or more of the following: –

A)     Scarper off quickly and don’t go back to that particular event

B)      Mumble under their breath and do their best to avoid them at the meeting

C)      Gather together with the competitor and spend the rest of the meeting talking shop

I think you will agree that none of the above really do any service. So here is the trick for you – it is probably fairly safe to assume that your competitor has not read this little blog, so leave him or her to indulge in A B or C.   You continue to mingle mix and circulate with good grace and dignity…… and here is the real one…… Make sure you go back to the next meeting because it can be fairly safe to assumed that your competitor won’t.    Why is this?    Well, he hasn’t realised that very often it is “last man standing” who has more chance of getting the business.

Good luck with your competitors!