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Kindle – a story of our times
by Janet Torley on 19/05/2011

“Less than a year after launching the UK Kindle Store, Amazon.co.uk customers buy Kindle books 2 to 1 over hardcovers.”

 For me never a more powerful announcement as I work to grow our brand new e-networking platform.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, when discussing physical books vs e-books, the comments were invariably “Ooohhh but I love the feel of a new book, I love popping down to Waterstones and browsing the shelves, Can’t image ever downloading a book, it’s not for me – I like things the way they are, Change –not on your Nelly………..”

Maybe I was one of those people too as I am an avid reader. 

But that all changed when I got a Kindle for my Christmas.  I LOVE it – I can browse on Amazon for books always cheaper than in the shops, I can read recommendations which help me make the right choices, I can keep all my books in one place – forever – online instead of carting another pile off to the car boot sale and getting nowt for them,  I can pack for my holiday next month without leaving behind most of my clothes to keep under the weight restrictions, I can read my ‘book’ at any time without a sore wrist holding up yet another heavyweight tome, I can have several books at once on the go all in one place, I don’t waste time and money traipsing into town on my only day off to buy more books, I don’t have to wait on the postie bringing my delivery – fancy a new book?  Yes please, download it NOW!

Times have changed and like it or not, technology is replacing many traditional ways of thinking, playing and working.

 So I simply leave you with this about face-2-face vs e-networking – do you:-

  • love filling up your car with fuel at £6.00 + per gallon and rising
  • love wasting two hours travelling
  • love all the wasted time at meetings trawling through the trivia

…………………mmmmm………………….thought not!