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Killed at Birth
by Janet Torley on 27/09/2011

Don’t you just love the public sector and its get up and go, can do attitude.  (Irony – please ladies and gents).  I am going to indulge in a little personal rant but perhaps this is indicative of how many young and recently made redundant people are treated.

I have a true story from last week that made my hackles rise.  It concerned a young graduate from college who has been unable to find any suitable paid employment.  (That’s another rant – the amount of unpaid internships that are offered to young people – I call it a downright liberty).  So, the youngster has decided to set up their own business and wanted to do things correctly.  She did sign-on when she left college but wanting to be legit said to the Dole Stazi that she was considering starting her own business.  This was met with the following:-

“If we find out that you have been trading and making money we will take your dole money back from you.  You better not have started this business.  I’m going to make an appointment for you in 2 weeks time to speak to someone – next please”

Needless to say one very dispirited and unmotivated would-be entrepreneur!

I have also heard some other feedback from people having been made redundant and their experiences with our wondrous benefits system and have yet to hear from somebody that has been encouraged in a positive and upbeat manner and acknowledged for taking the future into the wrong hands.

Now if you know of someone who has had a positive outcome, do let me know.