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Hip Hip Hooray for a Fife business
by Janet Torley on 10/07/2011

Sometimes I forget that good Customer Service is out there but this week my faith in good Scottish service was restored.  The saga started on holiday when my less than one year old TomTom Satnav started playing up.  Driving through Europe, this was a bit of a problem as we only had the most basic paper map with us.  At our destination (fabulous Slovenia by the way – you just must visit if you like scenery, sights, ice-cream, clean country and lovely people) I tried the support pages on the TomTom site and was asked if I wanted to live chat with an operator.  I did and they tried everything under the sun to get my device working – politely, timely and patiently.  I felt like I had a new friend.  Anyway, all failed but my new TomTom friend said to send a copy of my proof of purchase when I got back and here is my amazing timeline of service:-

Monday – sent proof of purchase, received email with instructions on how to send in for repair in the free posting box that they would send
Tuesday – received free posting box and instructions
Wednesday – posted the unit to Regenersis in Glenrothes (hip hip hooray for a Fife company)
Thursday – received an email to advise that Regenersis had received the unit and would be checking it
Friday – received an email saying product being returned guaranteed next day delivery
Saturday – Unit delivered am (even the Post Office did good) and one extremely impressed customer

Moral of the story – will I buy another TomTom – of course I will in due course.  Will I say how great Regenersis were – of course I will – well done to all my new customer service friends