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Great Business Barter tips
by Janet Torley on 19/03/2012

These are some great guidelines I found on a USA based website where Bartering is HUGE for business right now and thought they would be brilliant for you.

Bartering is a win-win for everyone involved when done right. When going into a barter agreement remember these things:

1. Define your goals. What do you want to get out of the exchange? Is it product, service or exposure to more clients/customers?

2. Communicate your goals. When you find your barter partner, be clear on what you want to gain out of the exchange.

3. Get it in writing. You’re seeking a service and paying for it with your time. That’s an agreement that should be in writing like any other agreement. This way both parties are clear on deadlines, etc.

4. Make the exchange equal. People always want something for nothing. Don’t get burned by those offering exposure on a website with no visitors, for example. Likewise, be honest about your offering. Get the real market value of what is exchanged, negotiate until it’s comparable and of course – put it in writing.

5. Check the work. It sounds easy, but sometimes people are so excited they are getting something for ‘free’ they don’t take care to research the person’s previous work. Treat this agreement like any other and do your research!

6. Deliver on time, or better yet, early! This is an opportunity to develop a relationship and polish your reputation. Word of mouth is a powerful tool.

Many thanks to http://moxiecolumbus.com/2012/03/7-steps-to-business-bartering-success/