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Free Wi-Fi
by Janet Torley on 13/06/2011

This is short and sweet and to the point – and maybe some of the guilty parties can tell me why.  Why do some hotels, cafes, meeting places not have FREE Wi-FI access.  Hotels especially are as guilty as sin. 

A couple of weeks ago I was enjoying a coffee in a major city venue and had a few minutes to spare.  So I thought “Let’s do a wee bit work”  So I got out the netbook, fired it up and was met with a demand for £7.00 to use the hotel’s Wi-Fi.  Good Goblets – what planet are they on.  I wonder if they ever sell any Wi-Fi access to their customers?

So come on, tell me why do venues which are commonly used by business people who buy coffee and buns and make the places look busy have to pay for Wi-Fi?