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Events Tips – How good is the Speaker?
by Janet Torley on 19/09/2014

There are several elements that should be considered when planning an event and here is my absolute top one.

Many small business owners decide to hold a seminar to help promote their business and, yes, it can be a great way to get known but…………………before you start please consider your main speaker

How good a public speaker are they – you need to be confident that they can deliver well – really well – I have had some really gash speakers over the years and trust me there is no quicker death sentence and reputation trasher than a bad speaker.

Here are a couple of suggestions if your speaker is not quite ready or confident to face their public.

1)       Get them to join something like Toastmasters where the grounding is excellent and the focus is entirely on constructive feedback

2)      If they are a member of a network group get them to ask to be the 10 minute speaker so that they can practise with a group that will also give good feedback.  This can really valuable if they share some superb nuggets during their 10 minutes as word soon gets around about what an entertaining / informative speaker they are.

If your main speaker really isn’t up to the mark and never will be, why not consider asking them to be second billing and invite another more engaging speaker to take top place.  The audience will be there to hear the main guy or girl!