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Events tips – Getting it noticed
by Janet Torley on 29/09/2014

Getting people to notice your event

This is without doubt one of the hardest areas of staging an event and even more so nowadays with so many events and so much information all clamouring for our attention.  Here are some of my golden rules when planning event publicity.

Choose at least 10 different channels of event promotion and these might include:-

  • Email campaign,
  • Social Media with Facebook  and Linkedin
  • Online Directories or Event listing sites such as Find Networking Events
  • Event partners or supporters – i.e. the venue or co-presenter
  • Press – people do still read the papers
  • Local Radio / TV
  • Networking
  • Pre-main event taster events
  • Blogs
  • Posters and banners
  • Postcards
  • Email Footers and PS’s
  • Postal inserts………………………….

Once you have chosen your preferred methods – and the more the merrier – you then need to choose how often you will use each channel and when you should start promoting.  I can heartily recommend allowing a clear 6 working weeks at least for even a small event.  Some of the channels will be a one use only so you need to use them wisely and timely.  A good tip is to try to put yourself in the shoes of your delegates and work out where they go, what they will read and listen to and when and then act accordingly.

Hope this helps you plan your next event.