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Bye Bye Baby....
by Janet Torley on 29/04/2016

I was again asked today “How often should I contact a prospect?”  My answer is simple – “Till they say Go Away”

But I don’t want to be glib so let me delve a bit further.

You need to get yourself into the mindset that, as long as you are polite and friendly, you should keep chasing your prospect in the nicest manner possible.  It’s a well acknowledged fact that it can easily take up to 7 or more efforts to engage before you can catch your extremely busy prospects attention. 

(Also like to suggest here that startup businesses need to do this more as does any business breaking into new sectors.  So new starts, console yourself that you won’t be spending your time doing this forever.  I still don’t like doing it and I’ve been at it for donkeys years now)

Anyway, I would suggest a mix of phone calls, emails and even the occasional “I was driving by anyway and thought I would pop my head round the door” 

But just to help shove things forward, do get in the habit of putting a ‘call to commitment’ into each action.  For example:

  1.  Phone call – you get through but they are busy.  Tell person answering thank you, you won’t disturb them right now but you will call back next Tuesday at 10am.  Doesn’t matter if you get the same answer next Tuesday, repeat the exercise.  But remember to call next Tuesday at 10am
  2. Email – it should already have a call to action in it such as “I will follow this up with a phone call next Tuesday at 10am”.  They reply away on holiday sorry no can do.  Email back with another date or an ok I will call you when you get back from holiday.
  3. Letter – great for introducing your service but do remember to include what you are going to do next – i.e the phone call or email.

Never leave the ball in their court to get in touch, they won’t.  You have to do the work, they are super busy people.  There are other small things you can do to up the ante on this game of ping pong till you get that golden appointment.  If you want some ideas on those get in touch with me direct.

If this has prompted you to look further at your Marketing plans, why not have a look at my Marketing Mentor package.  Clients are telling me time and time again that it is giving them so much clarity for moving forward.  You do the work, I mentor and support you.