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Bums on Seats
by Janet Torley on 03/10/2014

At the end of the day event success is measured by footfall.  Did the right people in the expected quantity attend?

Some of this is in the lap of the gods:  too hot, too frosty, traffic incidents, unexpected major happenings.  If you have got all the pre-planning right though, the result should be fairly dependable.

But how do you know it is going to be alright on the day? Especially in the current climate when many people don’t book till the last minute in spite of early bird discount booking offers.  This Top Tip is not based on any science apart from stats gathered over the last 10 years.  So it’s not infallible.  However, it is fairly safe to say that at the half way mark of your marketing campaign the number of booked delegates is approximately 50% of your final turnout.  However, this only applies to paid for events.  Free to attend events are another ballgame altogether