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All that Glitters is not Gold
by Janet Torley on 10/04/2016

And how well I was reminded of that last week during a short break to Rome (yes it was fabulous, thanks for asking)


On arrival at the airport quite near Rome – well it was RyanAir – our first task was to get into the City.  There will be plenty options I thought and when through arrivals saw the BIG, BRIGHT adverts in my favourite colour scheme for Airport Transfers.  Terravision looked the part – all shiny!  We buy on emotion and I was emoted.  My colours and it looked the biggest so must be the best, eh?


Downhill from there on in though.  Once out of the airport it was a wild guess as to where the bus departed from.  When we found the queue we should have guessed as it was the largest.  But hey ho enjoyed some sunshine and then the bus finally arrived.  It turned into a total scrum to push bags into the hold and then barge our way on board.  No room for being nice here.  Ladies and Gentlemen, what can I say, it was disgusting.  Filthy is too kind a word.  But we got to Rome and headed off for a lovely break.


Time to go home and as we had bought return Terravision tickets, thought it best to use them again.  After all it couldn’t be worse, could it?  Oh yes it could.  On arrival at Termini to get the transfer there was only one bent sign to indicate where the collection point was.  Hey, guess what the bent sign was pointing in the wrong direction.  We had arrived with 25 minutes to spare and were then suitably thrilled that the bus was 20 minutes late in leaving.  It started to get a bit nail biting that we would indeed be on time for the flight.  At least the bus was no dirtier.


But we got there in the end and yes, I will not be using Terravision ever again anywhere ever.  What have I learnt from this?  Maybe it’s time to adopt some new favourite colours and also do some better research BEFORE leaving home.  What can you learn from a Marketing point of view.  Biggest and Shiniest isn’t always best, do your research first.  Those stars on review sites are the best indicator yet.  Check out Terravision in Google, their feedback is appalling.