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A dangerous headline
by Janet Torley on 09/01/2017

I’ve just come across a really well written article with a superbly contentious headline by a good business friend of mine.  I disagree with it completely.  Chris challenges with the question Why business networking is wasting your time

Fair do’s all round.  Both Chris and Allan whom he mentions frequently through the article have been in business a few years now and are in the expected position – after a few years – of having a busy business schedule.  Good grief, if they weren’t busy I would be suggesting they were wasting their time being in business at all.  Well done chaps!!!

But here’s the thing – business networking is NOT about flitting about throwing a few business cards onto the table and turning up at weekly meaningless events as alluded to. It’s about relationships then, now and for the future.  It’s not always the obvious relationships with potential introducers and heavy hitters.  It’s making and keeping in touch with business friends.

When ANYONE starts in business for themselves, I would say it is essential to get out networking as often as possible and as many places as feasible.  The learning opportunities are vast as well the business opportunities.  It’s a great place to get advice, ask for support, get out of the office and see a human being!

Where Chris and Allan are at is that busy spot when time is precious so I can understand their reluctance to network too much.  I know, I’ve been that person.  But might I suggest not throwing the baby out with the bathwater and saying that networking is a waste of time.  You don’t know what might be around the corner.

I didn’t.

I had to take a work sabbatical and after two years when I was back full time, I had to almost start over again.  Two years in business is a LONG time.  I had to find out what was new, who was new on the scene (lots of people) and where it was all happening again.  How could I do that without networking.  Networking allowed me to quickly re-establish my presence and get started.

I wonder what Chris or Allan will do if they find themselves wanting to change direction or start a new business and need to find new clients again.