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A Camping Parable
by Janet Torley on 12/09/2016

If you are friends with me on Facebook, you might have noticed that I went camping a few weeks ago for the very first time ever.

Now what’s this got to do with business you might ask, well here goes!

I decided, fairly rashly, that my weekend life needed a boost and I wanted to be able to get away frequently but not to spend a lot of capital doing that.  So a Campervan or Caravan was out of the question (at this stage)  Camping seemed ideal and there are so many gadgets and luxury tents etc on the market, there was no reason to be sleeping with the worms and stones.

So without doing too much research I dashed off and bought the first tent that seemed big enough on Gumtree.  Hey it was local.  The guy seemed desperate to sell (I wonder why?) so I handed over my cash and asked him if one person could put this up.  I chose to ignore the wee glance between him and his wife.  Comfortable in the belief that I could erect the tent I scampered off back home and proceeded to put it up in the garden.

It took me ages and I practically broke my back but I convinced myself the next time would be better.  I moved the tent to another spot in the garden and chose not to check how long it took me and the state of my back afterwards.  Once up it was smashing though.  I also started buying various gadgets and equipment.  Ohhh that’s a bargain , must have that!!!

So came the big weekend and off I went to St Andrews.  It was rather windy and wet when I arrived but I manfully unloaded the car and started to put the tent up.  Nope, not a chance.  A lovely girl in the next pitch offered to help and it took two of us to get it upright. This tent is frickin’ massive.  Anyway a medium weekend was had as I spent the whole time wondering how I would get it down and what had I done!!!!

A Camping Parable by Janet Torley and me worried about taking it all down again

Here's me at St Andews and clearly thinking how am I going to get this down again!

Back home and next trip planned but I slept uneasy.  I knew I had bought the wrong tent but a) price got in the way and b) I didn’t know what to buy.  I wasn’t wanting a teeny crawl into thing. Just not me.  So I got chatting to a good friend who does camping a lot and is very experienced and he recommended a blow up tent.  More expensive but easy for one.

I did my research, checked umpteen reviews and forums and chose the one for me.  It is simply fabulous – 15 wee pumps and it is up.  Roomy, full of gadgety bits and a dream to take down as well.  Superbio!  Job Done!  How I wished I had listened to my camping friend in the first place, how I wish I had done my market research in the first place and how I wish I had thought the whole thing through objectively in the first place – a bit like setting up in business I think!

Anyone want to buy a large family tent used once on location and twice in my garden?  BTW the chap who sold it to me had never even had it out the bag and I suspect as he and his wife were even older than me, it was too much for them too!