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10 inexpensive ideas to promote your business successfully
by Janet Torley on 16/01/2017

When you are self employed and a solo business you are also in charge of promoting your business.  That’s not marketing rather just one aspect of it.  There are loads of ways of promoting your business from sponsorship to media advertising and to be honest many of them cost money and can be expensive.  Promoting your business is about having your business consistently in front of your target audience so that when they are ready to buy your product or service, they will think of you.

But I’ve come up with and tried more than a few ‘creative’ promotions over the years which have cost little in hard cash but perhaps have taken time and bottle but here’s the thing, they all worked.

Here goes…..

  1. Use a new name – for example – Ethel Events, Sparky the Electrician, Niall the Joiner,….. and so on.  Sign off on Social Media with your name, use it for Twitter, make it your twitter name, change your Facebook name……. you will be remembered.  I know a chap who uses the handle Toilet Expert because that is what he is and that’s memorable.  I also came cross another chap a few years back known as Pete the Phone  I’ll never forget him.

  2. Get a company pet or mascot and get him involved – people react very well to animals.  Plan a strategy with your “pet” and keep it going.  This perhaps needs some light touch humour to carry off.  The ‘pet’ needn’t be on four legs.  Perhaps it is in a goldfish tank.

  3. Offer to Guest Blog for someone with a better following than you – bet they will be glad of someone to bolster their content but whatever you post must be good, topical and relevant.  You never know you might get asked to blog again for them

  4. Adopt a relevant hashtag and keep on using it.  It might match your new business name. 

  5. Go ‘LIVE’ as often as you can on Facebook and Twitter and share snippets.  The snippets should be short, well shot with good sound.  Topics should be really really useful to people so they want to come back.  Adopt a regular time to do this.

  6. Do a Random Act of Kindness / Thoughtfulness – this can go a long long way.  Think dropping off a box of biccies, a wee plant or flowers on a birthday……

  7. Book a day out to do a Tweetathon with your #hashtag when you have something topical and relevant OR something’s big in the news to do with your industry.  If anyone wants to do this, ask me as I’ve done a couple which went viral in their time.

  8. Hold a Facebook event sharing tips or product samples – very on trend right now

  9. Create a Press Release – here’s some great tips how to write one.  Trust me journalists love getting good articles – they all want the scoop

  10. Be the featured speaker at your networking events – most folks DON’T volunteer thinking they will make a fool of themselves or be judged. So the opportunity is high and you’ll be great if you choose a topic you know backwards.  Your passion will shine through

None of these cost more than a few pounds apart from potentially a Company Pet!  Do let me know if you use any of these and how you get on.  Or perhaps you can share what’s worked for you