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Mairketin' Wisdoms - "My back’s sair” – “So’s mine”
by Janet Torley on 04/03/2018

Last post we talked about who you are going to sell your product to.  All great stuff of course, but one question to consider is “Why would they buy from you?  It’s not because you:

  • are cheaper
  • deliver faster
  • look bigger or smaller……..and so on

It’s because they like and trust you.  This is certainly the case when selling intangibles such as consultancy or outsourcing services.  Business to Consumer one off purchases could well be because they are cheaper etc when the return likelihood of a customer is very small.

But for all of you offering your brain and its contents for sale, people need to like and trust you.  There are several ways to build this but for this Mairketin’ Wisdom I will concentrate on building empathy.

Word of warning though – you can’t build empathy with everyone you meet.  Just accept there are some people who just jangle you so much, and the realty is, it is not worth working with them ever.

But what of the people you do want to work with? 

First a tale from Janet - a true tale from last week.  I had the pleasure of speaking at an event in Lanarkshire.  I think it went down quite well.  Certainly no rotten tomatoes came my way.  There was one young chap waiting to speak to me at the end and this is how it went….

“I was looking at your website on my mobile when you were talking and did you know it’s rubbish because you are……and then he went on to babble about searchability  I didn’t actually listen because I was already feeling the red mist descend.  How very dare he criticise my website!!!!!  Now I am all open to constructive criticism but not delivered with the opening line.

He thrust his cheap and flimsy (Vistaprint style) business card into my hand and drum roll folks – no prizes for guessing what his business was – yes you got it on one – he was a web designer. 

And by the way please please please don’t use Vistaprint cheap and flimsy cards – you know the free ones to tempt you in to purchase all their other merchandise.  Trade up a little and get decent quality ones.  Speaks volumes about your commitment to your business.

And even worse he just didn’t shut up, he kept on and on about my “shitty” website…..I ended up turning my back and speaking to someone else to just get him to shut up.  Whew, no empathy there then.

So what should he have done?

Said “Hello my name is …………..  I enjoyed your talk” – flattery is always a good opener.

“I was browsing for your website while you were talking.  I really like the colours”…..anything would do here, just be nice.

I would have of course responded with something like “Yes I love my site, it was by one of the leading companies in Scotland”

At this point he would see red flags coming up and if a wise chap, not bothered insulting my site.

Now this bit did happen…… he said we had met before and we had a mutual friend.  But in the real time conversation I was just wanting to get away.  Instead before he delivered his website feedback, he should have said about this mutual friend and we would have chatted about where we had met before and the friend.  That would have created a fabulous “Me Too” moment and I might have started to like him a bit.

So how does this work for you?  Always look for potential opportunities during conversations to add “Me too………” or “You Ski (insert whatever you want here) …Oh I wish I did too”  Look for common ground and build on it.  Your target will be starting to like you which makes building trust so much easier.

A simple step.  So easy. Practise it the next time you meet someone new.  Let me know how it went.