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Marketing Videos
Marketing Videos

2018 more than ever is the year of promotional videos.  Short, snappy informative clips for placing on websites and social platforms.

I have been making short videos for my clients for over a year with great results. And now I want to offer that service to you.

It will help you stand out from your commpetitors and attract the attention of your potential clients and at the sort of price that you can plan several into your marketing strategy.  

In the best Blue Peter tradtion here are a few I did earlier for delighted clients


What I will do for you -

Made with client supplied images, photos video clips and text – no more than 30 words.  I can supply stock images and video clips if necessary.  Video clips might incur an additional cost.

I retain the right to reject client supplied materials if not suitable and will attempt to replace with similar images or clips if possible.

I will also supply appropriate music.  Client supplied music must not violate copyright.  

I need

  • Your logo in highest resolution possible in jpg or png format.  EPS is not suitable
  • 30 words max to share your key message
  • 2 video clips max of approx. 10 seconds.  Anything longer will be edited. MP4 format please - optional
  • Up to 10 images in highest resolution possible in jpg or png format.  You must either own the images or have purchased them from a stock image company.  Downloads from the internet will not be accepted.
  • If you are supplying music at least 60 seconds long, in mp3 format and with clear confirmation of copyright ownership.

The cost is a straightforward £90 + VAT.  Additional edits of the initial video, once accepted, i.e. shortened for social Media adverts etc - £50 + VAT per edit.

Call me today on 07753 749535 to start taking your marketing to a whole new level

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