Janet 2018
Marketing advice and support for small business in Central Scotland “Helping you make your
2018 more than ever is the year of promotional videos.  Short, snappy informative clips for
Use an Event Management Expert when you need results “You can stage your own business
Networking Event Facilitation Running a networking event looks easy – that’s why so
Along with Linda Mercer and Liberty Space, I’m hosting a very special one off networking lunch on 10 May for Business Ladies who want to Lunch.  It’s a fundraiser for my very good friend John Macleod who is running from Lands
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Why wait for my next classroom course - do it today ONLINE and be ready to send your first campaign in hours.   How to create effective E-Mail Campaigns using Mailchimp and the databases to make them soar!   You can choose

Practical Marketing

People ask just what is ‘Practical Marketing’ and rightly so.  I love to get right into the heart of my clients’ business and explore really practical ways in which they can market themselves.  Sometimes I need to do a bit myself for the client, but quite often with guidance and support, the clients find they can do it themselves.  All this can done from as little as an hour over coffee with some serious brainstorming to the Monthly Marketing Mentor Options when I will be your go-to support making your business the go-to for your clients.